The Kingdom of Aurelius

The Human kingdom of Aurelius is at the hieght of its power. It has existed for nearly five hundred years in peace. It is the successor to the ancient Villian Empire which fell some two thousand years ago. After the Villian Empire collapsed, human civilization in the west crumbled. The last light of civilization was the church, which rose to prominence in the years just before the Villian Empires collapse. It’s leader, the Pope took on much of the responsibility of holding the last vestiges of the Empire together. He ultimately failed but he did succeed in make the church the dominant political force throughout the western world. for the next thousand years, every king and prince was granted their title by the authority of the church. It was the church that paved the way for Aurellius Wilhelm to consolidate all the lesser kingdoms into an empire.

What followed was five hundred years of war and political machinations to consolidate an empire. Eventually, in 1453 AV (After Villian) the last hold out Kingdom of Aragorn finally succumbed to King Severus Wilhelm. Thus began the peace that we now know.

Under Severus Wilhelm the Aurelian kingdom forged strong aliances with the Dwarven Kingdoms in wars to beat back the barbarians in the south. They also sailed north to the legendary isles of Albion, where the fabled elves live. There upon seeing the power of the elves arcane magic, they decided that it was best to create a peace with them like they shared with the Dwarves.

Recently, a barbarian invasion occured during Prince Albrecht Wilhelm III’s travels around the kingdom. The prince, who was near the choke point created by the Claw Mountains joined in the defenders and began sueing for Dwarven aid. Though the Dwarves and Humans were succesful in driving back the invaders, the Prince fell in battle creating echoes that reverberate even to today as his young son begins preperations for his coronation.

The Kingdom of Aurelius

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