Classes in the Kingdom of Aurelius

These are the ways that the core character classes are seen by the people of the Kingdom of Aurelius, where most of the campaign will be held.

Barbarian: Typically coming from the expansive lands between the eastern and western Empires or from the south, beyond the Dwarf mountains where society has yet to reach. These adventurers are viewed by common people as frightening and savage. Aristocrats often see them as simple killing machines, though they might have their uses.

Bard: A bard does as a bard will. He wanders from towns and cities and villages, singing songs and playing his instrument, lifting the spirits of dreary commoners and bored nobles alike. Though they might be enjoyed they are not altogether trusted.

Clerics: Beloved of the commoners and respected by the lords, Clerics are members of the church blessed by the deity with divine power in reward for their faith. A cleric can be found in any function within the church, from the lowest village priest to the Pope himself.

Druids: The Druids are members of a small, pervasive, and ancient society. They mediate between the humans in the city and the elemental forces. Once well respected and even admired as priests, judges, and diplomats of the natural world, these spellcasters are now mostly ignored. As society grew away from nature and into cities the Druids lost much of their power and prestige. The lay people respect the Druids knowledge and seeming power over nature but find them strange and often distant. The Church, who was able to adapt to the urban culture of humanity see the Druids as a nuisance, a potential threat to their power, or as lost sheep.

Fighter: A fighter is viewed by what he fights for. Soldiers and the like are well regarded and looked up to, mercenaries are distrusted but can get the job done for the right amount, and fighters might find employ by a noble as their champion in trial by combat and as a captain of their personal military force.

Monks: They might be well respected but there monastic life makes them an oddity to most people.

Paladin: The warriors of the church, paladins are beloved by the people as much as Clerics are. They are seen as champions of good who defend society with the power of God. However, many nobles view the existence of these holy warriors as the church gaining too much military power, they see them as a threat to noble power.

Rangers: Much like fighters, Rangers are judged on what they do. Woodland guides are well respected, they might be mercenaries, or part of a Nobles military force.

Rogue: A rogue is what rogues have always been, a thief, a trickster, and a manipulator.

Sorcerers: Born with an innate talent for manipulating magic, many sorcerers are feared and reviled. They possess powers like the cleric but without the strict discipline of the church. Because of this, Sorcerers often find themselves as part of mercenary groups, as servants to lords, or more likely than not as lone adventurers.

Wizards: Feared for the same reason as sorcerers, wizards are prized by the nobility for their knowledge. However, the church detests wizards and most arcane spellcasters.

Classes in the Kingdom of Aurelius

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