My cradle rocks with the waves of time
The time of beauty will never be the same
Falling again has no man’s knowing
Please take me, take me with thee

The world is prosperous. It is a time of peace between the three great races. The humans have rebounded after a thousand years in darkness after the fall of their once great empire. The current human kingdom is beginning to reach the glory of its predecessor. However, the recent death of its king has put the nobles on edge, they have begun vying for influence in the past months since the ascension of the boy-king.

The elves, on their northern island of Albion, live in the same semi-tribal society that they have for thousands of years. Their arms are open to the humans of the Aurelian kingdom, though much of their island remains unseen by any but their own eyes.

The dwarves rule the Claw Mountains to the south. In their underground kingdom they remain strong in their traditional way of life. Unlike elves, they have not fully forgiven the humans of their previous imperialism. But that is slowly changing.

To the east lays the Haung empire. An ancient human empire filled with technological innovations. As old as the ancient western empire, it has never experienced a dark age. Because of this the empire is large and formidable, and many fear that it might attempt cross species imperialism.

The peace and prosperity of the world hangs in the balance. As great forces swirl around you, how will you shape the world? What eddies will you make in the waves of time?

Waves of Time

Firion ImpieBA Kitters